When words become unclear, I shall focus with photographs.

When images become inadequate, I shall be content with silence. -Ansel Adams

“There’s a concept among the spiritually inclined known as ‘thin space’. Often used in reference to churches and holy grounds, it refers to places where the distance between God and his creation feels so thin that one can simply reach out and touch the divine. It is in these places that my faith is restored, my heart filled, and my love pours out. Under the grand oak tree at the Fields of Blackberry Cove, surrounded by family with soft rays of sunlight pouring through the branches illuminating flecks of dust in the air I walked toward my love and my partner and felt the joyous love of God with us in the most profound thin space of my life.

As I look through the pictures from Terri, my heart travels back to the moments¬† filled with surprises, laughter, dearest friends, and family. My memories spring to life as I sift through the photos, and I’m suddenly laughing with my best friend in the meadow where we took pictures or playing with the flower girls in the bridal suite. I will forever be grateful to Terri for capturing these moments and helping me to feel the power of that thin space in the North Carolina mountains again and again.”¬† -Kelsey Williams

Weddings | Collection Two