Downtown Sylva I North Carolina I Tipps Family Portrait

The Place

Sometimes, the best locations are right in your own back yard. In this case, right in our own downtown! Sylva, NC is known as having one of the most photographed historic courthouses in the state, but the charm here also lays in so much more. Scattered amongst local businesses, unique eateries, and historical touches, the numerous buildings and spaces available provide an abundance of backdrops. Rich with history, color, and down-home goodness, the Tipps family found it a perfect choice.

The Family

It’s always a joy to work with clients more than once, as was the case with the Tipps Family. Several years ago, I had the honor of photographing their wedding, then we worked together to document their oldest son as a toddler. Now that the family has more members, it was time to capture new moments. This past fall, we planned a family portrait shoot in downtown Sylva. Visiting Sylva and the surrounding areas is a tradition for this sweet family, so the location was perfect.

We began just a few doors down from the studio, and the boys instantly took to the camera.

With kids involved, we chose an earlier timeframe for our session, allowing the boy’s personalities to shine. We followed their lead through downtown, capturing some great shots that even included puddle jumping!

Final Words

A huge Thank You to the Tipps for always making it easy to capture the essence of family.

If you’re checking out this blog and haven’t had a chance to visit downtown Sylva yet, it is most definitely worth the trip!

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