Hinoki House I Cullowhee Forest I Barker Family Portrait

The Location

Pulling into the Hinoki House for the first time, I instantly knew how spectacular it was going to be to make pictures in this incredibly unique location.

The house, perched high above the Tuckaseegee River with views on every side, was a photographer’s dream. It boasts a wrap around porch and floor to ceiling windows. A phenomenal waterfall, which can be heard from the house, and watering hole sit only a short hike from the home.

While the Hinoki home seemed to hold some of its own magic and splendor, so did the subjects I was about to photograph. The Barker family was the icing on this day’s cake.

The Family

The family consisted of two daughters with their husbands and babies, as well as new grandparents clearly loving their new roles. The pride and love for their daughters and growing family was obvious as we spent time together. The Barker family interacted with love and compassion for each other as we made our way through each location and photograph.

In addition to the spectacular views offered from the Hinoki house, the grounds around the house supplied a variety of backdrops for portraits of each of the grandchildren and their parents. The garden spaces worked perfectly to infuse the natural backgrounds the family desired for a laid back portrait session.

The Waterfall

A short hike away from the incredible house is a private swimming hole and enamoring waterfall. So when this adventurous group chose to hike down to the on-site waterfall, I was thrilled. It turned out to be the perfect backdrop to capture unforgettable shots of the Barker family.

Final Words

After a beautiful couple of hours spent on this spectacular property exploring and taking pictures, I can truly say that if you are looking for a serene, one-of-a-kind vacation spot to also include photography, the Hinoki House could be the perfect location for you.

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Family posing in front of a waterfall at the Hinoki House